Who Else Wants to Start Generating Incremental Profits Within 30 Days?

"You can't sell a key battery for £10!" was the cry from a delegate attending her first suggestive selling event.

The journey we were embarking upon would ultimately see our client suggestively sell more than 4,000 products over the next six months and its CRM team become known as 'The Golden Girls'. After all, the girls who had previously been tasked with taking service bookings had turned into a prolific sales machine that could challenge the envied selling skills of those that craft their trade below the golden arches of a certain global fast food chain.

Today, 'The Golden Girls' sell at a penetration rate of 1.8 products per retail transaction, grossing their employers £500,000 over the past three years.

The above insight into one of our client relationships epitomises the ethos of Profit Box. Our objective is to help you generate incremental profits by providing you with actionable strategies that you can use to grow your business beyond levels you may have never considered possible.

Our approach recognises that not every member of your team is comfortable and confident with sales driven responsibilities. After all, if your customer service representatives, technicians or transport team wanted to be sales people, they would be selling for a living, wouldn't they?

The Profit Box system combines a respectful approach to your internal team members and your customer base. By creating appropriate engagement and enthusiasm, this approach will act as a catalyst in your search for incremental profits.