How to Become Sales Savvy in Less than 60 Minutes

Uncovers a wealth of tactical and strategic sales skills that have been proven to inspire greater sales achievement

£ 25.00

On the basis that we find ourselves in a market place that shows absolutely no sympathy for mediocre sales ability, shouldn't developing the effectiveness of our sales personnel now be considered a number 1 corporate priority?

During this interview based two disc CD set, you will discover

  • The 3 biggest myths that surround the sales world
  • The identity of the sales Power Kings and Queens
  • How and why brand identities suffer to the point of collapse
  • The 3 biggest mistakes that companies unwittingly make with their sales function
  • The critical stage of telephone based selling
  • Which skills separate mediocre and advanced sales competence
  • How to deliver exponential business growth by delivering performance enhancements in key areas
  • How to avoid the high risk imbalance between marketing spend and investment in sales ability
  • Questioning techniques that guarantee a winning response
  • How to get your customer to let you know when they are ready to gain agreement
  • Why most objection handling techniques are doomed
  • How to identify the the biggest sales blind spot in your organisation
  • Thank you Nick! Your How to Become Sales Savvy in Less than 60 minutes has been a real eye opener. So much packed into one hour and so relevant to our company. I was truly inspired and deployed a new sales procedure immediately from the techniques discussed in Disc 2... the bonus recording. 6 months later and we are a really benefiting from the results...That really was a bonus!

    Joel Combes
    Sales and Marketing Director, Lawgistics Ltd
  • How to Become Sales Savvy in Less than 60 Minutes is a real eye opener. In particular, the sales map strategy has fundamentally changed the way that we manage our sales performance. We have also exposed our biggest sales blind spot and taken action which will ensure we maximise longer term sales opportunities.Without question, the two discs are a very worthwhile investment and will act as a catalyst towards an improved sales performance.

    Mark Allen
    Aftersales Manager, Stoke Audi
  • The discs are jam packed with tips, ideas and strategies. They are guaranteed to get the grey matter working and bring profitable value to your organisation.For me, the discussions on exponential business growth and expert positioning were most insightful. Having said that, the tips on objection handling are worth the price of the discs in their own right. If you sell for a living, I recommend that the sales savvy discs are never too far away from your audio system.

    Sean Booth
    Managing Director, Parkway Volkswagen